Primary Orthostatic Tremor


Farouk Dindar, M.D.


This 55 yr old man complains of tremor of his legs for 4 months.  It affects his thighs if he stands still. If he walks or sits down the tremor subsides. During a recent dance he attended with his wife he could not stand still. He either had to continue dancing or sit down.


On examination there is no tremor at rest.  After he has stood for about a 30 seconds he developed a visible tremor of his quadriceps. He felt a sense of imbalance.

Electrophysiological studies.

The recording is taken with monopolar needle in the left rectus femoris about one minute after he had been standing. The sweep duration is 500 mec. Therefore these 3 traces are total 1 1/2 second He has a tremor at about 15 HZ  

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