bullet, a discussion list for Neurologists, was established by Dr Michael Rivner of the Neurology Department at the Medical College of Georgia in 1994. The list was initially started using software that was purchased for another purpose which included a discussion list package as an added feature. As the list grew, the system was upgraded to Lyris which is a dedicated discussion list software package. NEUROLIST has now grown to a worldwide group of 479 users representing 41 countries. Since June 10, 1997, 2,378 messages were transmitted by the group. Messages on the list can be grouped into 4 major categories, case discussions, general neurology questions, miscellaneous topics and social-legal issues. In this poster, I will discuss how to use the list, the options for using the list, the users who are members of the list, and a discussion about the content and future directions of the list.

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